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Schools, colleges and universities are busy places where hundreds of students, teachers and other staff are passing through every day. Therefore, it is crucial to keep these places hygienic and clean and we, at Proactive Cleaners, have all the experience knowledge and expertise to provide an extensive provision of all types of school cleaning services. With years of experience and constant learning, we have built a strong reputation in our customers eyes and we aim to meet the highest standard of excellence in terms of providing school cleaning services, so that all the staff members could get clean and comfortable environment and children would be able to improve their learning experience in a hygienic and clean surrounding.

We at proactive cleaners, make sure that all of our customers are satisfied and so for we have always been succeeded in achieving our customer satisfaction. We prioritise our customers’ needs over our personal benefits and therefore, we go beyond our limits to exceed them. We pay great attention when it comes to choosing our employees and we make sure to thoroughly check their detailed background, their proven skills, character and devotion towards work. Here is a list of school cleaning services that we, at Proactive Cleaners offer:

  • General cleaning e.g. Reception areas etc.
  • Cleaning of the staff room, offices and washroom
  • Auditorium, sports room, gym and assembly room cleaning
  • Seminar room, lecture room and classroom cleaning
  • Dormitories and accommodation cleaning
  • Cleaning of changing rooms, showers, desk/benches, chairs, tables, windows and doors
  • Computer room, laboratory, common rooms, outside sports club and facilities area cleaning
  • Any other kind of cleaning services upon request

We are among UK’s top leading cleaning companies and we aim to provide our customers with excellent and marvellous experience when they hire us. With years of experience, we have learnt a lot dealing with our prestigious customers and we have also served in many educational sectors i.e. schools, colleges, academies, universities and all other learning organisations. Since the beginning of our company, we have constantly grown ourselves in order to exceed our customers’ expectations and provide them with a super clean and happy place to work.

At proactive cleaners, why only hire experienced and skilled workers and additionally train them according to UK’s laws and policies, so that our customers only get best from us. During hiring, we make sure that all of our workers are licensed, fully authorised, and professional to provide cleaning services to educational institutes.

We, at proactive cleaners, are committed to protect and respect your privacy and therefore we will make sure to ensure the confidentiality of your schools’ belongings. In addition to that with quality and top-notch services, we make sure to keep our prices low. Thus you will find quality services of your school cleaning at reasonable prices.

If you have any query in your mind regarding our services or our pricing, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly and efficient customer support team will be happy to answer your questions and provide you all kind of assistance.