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Proactive Cleaners is among UK’s top leading companies that provide professional and prompt crime scene cleaning services. At Proactive Cleaners, we are committed to providing quality and professional approach to emergency services needs along with our quick, efficient and highly qualified cleaning specialists, you will be assured to make your building i.e. residential or commercial reusable for inhabitants. We are available 24/7 to meet the emergency needs of our prestigious customers at any time.

We, at Proactive Cleaners, have one of the most compelling and highly-qualified cleaning team that is highly trained in providing crime scene cleaning services with due-diligence and vigil to each and every detail to meet the highest level of excellence.

We understand how stressful it can be to reach the point where crime scene cleaning is required, we make sure to understand the challenge and trauma that you might have to face and therefore, perform all the tasks with minimal fuss and maximum competence. As there is a possibility that at the crime scene, chances of spreading infections may be high and if emergency cleaning is not done, the percentage of spreading the infections may boost. Therefore, we at Proactive Cleaners, make sure to send our experienced and highly qualified team equipped with all the necessary tools, equipment and chemicals to washout all the trauma scene and make the place germ-free, so that it could be available to the residents.

At Proactive Cleaners, we cover all the types of crime scene cleaning services, which include:

  • Natural events cleaning services such as dead body discovery
  • Forensic cleaning
  • Decontamination cleaning to police cell or mobile van cleaning
  • Vandalism cleaning services
  • Stains and blood spillages cleaning
  • Accidents and trauma cleaning
  • All other kinds of bespoke crime scene cleaning (please do not hesitate to inquire with us).

We, at Proactive Cleaners, are fully authorized and licensed with 100% insurance covered to be dealt with crime scene cleaning. We have all the knowledge, training, tools and expertise required to make land inhabitable for its residents as well as safely remove and dispose of the harmful biohazardous wastes.

No job is too big or too small for us. From low level of incidents to high level of traumatic occurring i.e. natural death, murder or other violence scenarios, our team is always ready to cope-up with the challenges that may come across during their work and can deal with patience and knowledge.

We ensure that all the crime scene cleaning services will be dealt with 100% efficiency and dedication with minimal charges. Contact us if you have any queries in your mind regarding our services and area we cover. We will be happy to assist you.